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ABOUT Environmental Compliance Associates

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History - ECA was founded in the mid 1980’s to address the growing demand for practical environmental consultation in the hydrocarbon exploration and production industry. For over twenty years ECA has provided custom tailored environmental due diligence programs to energy clients from service points in Houston, Austin, San Antonio in Texas, and Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Our professional staff of accredited oil and gas consultants have a combined 100+ years of industry experience. ECA eventually expanded its services into non-oil and gas industries, and has experienced continued growth and success by consistently providing high quality consulting services to a diverse client base.

Expertise - ECA is an organization of accredited, professional consultants, working with clients on a personal one-to-one basis to assess and solve their environmental concerns.  Our management team possesses greater than one hundred years of combined industrial service experience, backed by a qualified staff of engineers, geologists, registered environmental professionals and environmental technicians.  To date, ECA has provided professional environmental services on more than 3,000 locations, making it the most experienced, field-minded company in its class.

Capabilities - ECA’s professional services include Environmental Site Assessments, Environmental Audits, Due Diligence, Regulatory Compliance Assistance, Regulatory Liaison, Permitting and Planning Development, Infrared Camera Inspections, Training and Field Services.  These services are tailored to fit each client’s needs from the pre-acquisition assessment of properties to the final closure inspections of problem locations.  ECA has demonstrated expertise in virtually every phase of environmental services.

Project services include permit procurement, regulation compliance, impact evaluation, project planning, remedial design, regulatory training, contaminant monitoring, soil/water sampling, remediation consulting, remediation supervision, site closure and auditing as well as expert witness.

The goal of Environmental Compliance Associates is to furnish clients with professional environmental consultation services by providing accurate and objective information necessary to prudent decisions in today's regulatory atmosphere.

Pumping Unit and Storage Tank - Roosevelt County, Montana
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Telephone: (713) 978-6700 Fax: (713) 978-6119
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